Types of adjustable float switches

Types of adjustable float switches

With regards to our adjustable float switches, the switching point can be randomly set in the 10 mm grid.  Thus, the switch is quite flexible and can be used in tanks, containers and canisters of different sizes.

Inside the switching tube there is a perforated strip, which can be taken out to be able to customize the position of the circuit modules according to your needs.

Depending on the circuit module, we can either configure an NOC/NCC or a change-over contact. All our adjustable float switches are supplied without circuit modules. The modules have to be ordered separately on request.

Product features:

The connecting head

The connecting head can be configured as an R1" thread up to and including a DN65 flange with enclosure.


Models made of stainless steel (mat. no. 1.4571) and PVC available


Switching tube up to 3 m in length

Float body size

Float body size Ø 52 x 55 mm

Operating temperatures

Operating temperatures from -30 to +100°C, depending on version

Whether NCC, NOC or change-over contact, cable or plug - with HLM as your partner, you will find the right product for you.

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