Standard float switches with one switching point

Standard float switches with one switching point

Our standard float switches based on a reed switch have a switching tube diameter of 12 mm. The potential-free reed switches may be actuated by a permanent magnet which is integrated in the float body and moves on the tube depending on the level.

The switching process itself is contact-free and works by magnetizing the pair of reed blades (made of ferromagnetic material) which are located in a hermetically sealed glass tube of the reed switch.

The switching function always refers to a rising or falling level.

The switching outputs can be defined as needed, either as NCC, NOC or change-over contact.

A float switch generally consists of a connecting head, a switching tube, the switching function and the float. The float switch is easy to install as the connecting head can be perfectly adapted to suit your needs.

A combination of temperature and level measurement allows for a perfect monitoring and control in a consuming point.

Product features:

The connecting head

The connecting head can be configured as a simple cable outlet up to and including an R2" thread


Our range of products also includes flanges in standard sizes, with or without enclosure


Models made of stainless steel (mat. no. 1.4571), brass (mat. no. 2.0321) and PVC available


Switching tube up to 3 m in length


Connection by means of cable or plug


Straight or curved versions available


The float body material ranges from PVC, PP, POM, NBR to stainless steel, depending on the respective need

Whether NCC, NOC or change-over contact, cable or plug - with HLM as your partner, you will find the right product for you.

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