Miniature level switches with one switching point

Miniature level switches with one switching point

Our minis have a switching tube diameter of 8 mm. Thanks to their small and compact design they can be used virtually anywhere, where level detection is required. These switches are usually installed from inside. The switching point can be set to your desired filling level.

The modular design of our components allows us to combine different raw materials, connecting heads and floats with each other so that the final product perfectly meets your individual requirements.

Our smallest model has an x-measurement of 40 mm. As a standard, these switches are supplied with an NO contact, falling level. Owing to the design, we are able to change the switching function from NO to NC contact by turning the float by 180°.

Product features:

The connecting head

The connecting head can be configured as a simple cable outlet up to and including an R2" thread


Our range of products also includes flanges in standard sizes, with or without enclosure


Models made of stainless steel (mat. no. 1.4571), brass (mat. no. 2.0321) and PVC available


Switching tube up to 1 m in length


Connection by means of cable or plug


Straight or curved versions available


The float body material ranges from PVC, PP, POM, PVDF, NBR to stainless steel, depending on the respective need

Whether NCC, NOC or change-over contact, cable or plug - with HLM as your partner, you will find the right product for you.

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